Our Mission is Your Success

We provide the highest quality education support service available. Our mission is to help all students achieve their learning goals and we believe that success in learning is within the grasp of every student.

Based on the knowledge that real learning is not the passive absorption of information but active involvement, our programs require students to demonstrate their understanding through actual application and practice.  Our program guides students toward higher levels of understanding and retention, as well as the development of vital skills needed for academic independence today and for the future.

We hold high expectations of our students and encourage them to discover their full potential. 

The effectiveness of our programs is based on student results and professional teaching experience. 

M  A  K  I  N  G      Y  O  U  R      T  O  M  O  R  R  O  W

Certified Education Specialists

We are professionally certified teachers who are familiar with the BC curriculum and teacher expectations, and we are dedicated to helping our students succeed. 

We have been providing 
tutoring in the Fraser Valley for over ten years with hundreds of successful graduates.


  1. Individual Tutoring

  1. Pair / Small Group Tutoring

  1. Homework Help Tutoring 

  1. Exam Preparation    SAT 

  1. ESL Reading / Writing / Vocabulary  TOEFL

  1. Reading & Writing Skill Development Programs

Professional Teachers   Tutoring Grades 3 -12   Reading   Writing   Vocabulary   Social Studies   French   ESL   TOEFL   SAT